Episode 224

Monday, 24 May 2004

Episode Synopsis
The CSI's investigate the murder of an adult film star on the second season finale.
Written by:
Steve Maeda, Sunil Nayar
Directed By:
Joe Chapelle
Ratings Position: 1
Average Score: 7.24 /10
Number of Votes: 25
Adam Rodriguez as Eric Delko
David Caruso as Horatio Caine
Emily Procter as Calleigh Duquesne
Khandi Alexander as Alexx Woods
Rory Cochrane as Tim Speedle
Sofia Milos as Det. Yelina Salas
Title: Innocent Promo
Size: 1.62Mb
Length: 31 Seconds
Title: Breathe Me
Artist: SIA
Album: Colour the Small One
Scene: When Alexx is examining the vistim.
Buy It:  Amazon US Amazon UK
Title: Love's Devine
Artist: Seal
Album: Seal IV
Scene: At the end of the episode.
Buy It:  Amazon US Amazon UK
hindifan 25 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
awesome! what's the psychological condition of the murderer in this episode? It's called "porn _____" where he can't have an erection with a real woman because he was addicted to watching porn stars.
valynn1 25 May 2004  Vote: 5/10
what was the name of the song that was playing at the end of this episode when the csi crew was paged to a murder on the beach? ....thanks
pottsman 25 May 2004  Vote: 5/10
Ditto of 'valynn1!!! The song and episode was great. Awesome finale!!!!
LaWana 25 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
The name of the song at the end of the episode is "Love's Devine" by Seal. It is on his lastest album entitled "Seal IV". His website is: wwwl.seal.com. It is a great song! And it added a nice finish to a great season.
LouLou2 25 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
Great song at the end!
CSI_aley 27 May 2004  Vote: 8/10
The song that was playing is called Breathe Me and it's by Sia!!! I have been looking for the artist since the song played on the show!! I'm so glad someone else liked it as much as me.
Shenandoah 28 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
This is the best CSI show ever!!! What a way to end the season. Loved the song at the end as well -- it is by Seal and titled "Love's Devine". You can listen and watch the music video on Yahoo's music link - - http://launch.yahoo.com/artist/videos.asp?
toymaster7425 31 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
In response to "hindifan 5/25/2004", the psychological condition of the murderer in this episode is called "porn crave."
greeneyes 01 June 2004  Vote: 9/10
I'm looking for the name of the actress who played the murdered porn star. Can anyone halp me? I think that I went to school with her but I didn't catch her name.
CSI - Michael 28 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
Great show. Jemah, I believe the song you are wondering about is "Breathe Me" by Sia. The last song at the end of the episode was "Love's Devine" by Seal. Both are great songs.
Spacejammies 26 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
Lot of potential for next season. Horatio's relationship with Yelina has a nice opening left as well as Speed's possible interest in the porn star. Speed's character needs a nice love interest on the show. I'm just not sure about it being with a porn q
jemah 26 May 2004  Vote: 10/10
What I'm wondering is what song was played while the porn star girl is on the table and I think they are cleaning her up. It's a girl singing with a really smoky voice. Can anyone help?
sayra 23 June 2004  Vote: 9/10
I was waiting for Horatio to tell Yelina something about how he feels about her !!! But he didnt !! I wish those two end up together
cory6 01 June 2004  Vote: 9/10
Great episode! Loved the tension between H. and the IAB guy. Speed's love interest was a nice touch, it's good to see his character develop. Great chemistry between all of the actors. Lots of possibilities for next season.
Stephania 18 June 2004  Vote: 5/10
It's a real condition...
Erika 18 August 2004  Vote: 10/10
Real awesome episode :D
Ghosmurf 14 September 2004  Vote: 1/10
I managed to miss both CSI and CSI Miami season enders, will i get to see them re-aired before the new season starts?
csi rachie 28 26 November 2004  Vote: 10/10
it's finally nice to see someone interested in Speedle than that freak and totally ugly Delko
miami_fan 06 November 2005  Vote: 7/10
good ep. has anybody noticed that Horatio did a tiny bit more lab work last series?
speedleishot 16 April 2006  Vote: 9/10
Can't believe someone called delko ugly. Although Speedle is very hot. Apart from that good episode
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