Episode 511
Who Shot Sherlock

Thursday, 06 January 2005

Episode Synopsis
A Sherlock Holmes enthusiast is murdered in his perfectly re-created, Victorian-era, Baker Street study, and the CSI team needs to find the killer.
Written by:
David Rambo, Rich Cataloni
Directed By:
Kenneth Fink
Ratings Position: 1
Average Score: 8.25 /10
Number of Votes: 65
Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders
Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown
George Eads as Nick Stokes
Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows
Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass
William Petersen as Gil Grissom
Title: Who Shot Sherlock Promo
Size: 1.64Mb
Length: 20 Seconds
toxic 06 January 2005  Vote: 8/10
This wasn't a bad episode. Glad that Ecklie wasn't an asshole either. And, the joke at the end was clever. heh.
csi_junkie 06 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
loved this episode. especially the ending!
grissom and greg equals case solved 07 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
Amazing episode, I am so pumped that greg finally passed. Is it just me or does it seem that their is a definate possiblity between a sarah gerg romance
Skye-chan 07 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
I *loved* this episode, especially with me being a Sherlock Holmes freak. It amused me to no end about the recreation of 221B Baker Street. And it made me squeal in happiness when Greg passed. Yay for Greg! ^_^
partofme 07 January 2005  Vote: 8/10
Pretty good. Best I have seen this season.
ALWhorse 07 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
really great ep
greg_rocks015 08 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
major heat btween Sara and Greg
meg 08 January 2005  Vote: 9/10
good epi...Greg is awsome ;-P, i was soo happy he passed! haha ya, needs mor Grissom
gregsarafan 09 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
Definitely my fave eppy this season...MAJOR connection/heat between Greg and Sara..I hope the writers expand on this! Plus Greggie passed! Yay! :D
tripp3235 12 January 2005  Vote: 5/10
I loved the ending too..plus all the greg/sara moments
lordallen 15 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
Excellent goes in my top 10 of CSI episodes
johnedare 07 January 2005  Vote: 8/10
The actress I think is Molly Price from 3rd Watch. Anyone know for sure?
William_fan 07 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
I am happy that Greg has passed. They need to show more of William Peterson in the fifth season though
Psistriker 09 January 2005  Vote: 9/10
I loved this ep, I was happy dancing around the room after Greg passed! But did anybody else think the writer's have been watching a little too much Mythbusters lately? :)
greg_is_hot 10 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
CathandGriss4Ever 11 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
Loved this Episode!! I'm SO happy Greg passed! The chemistry between Greg and Sara was amazing (hopefully looking foward to more of that this season)..loved the ending too!
csi_chickadee 23 January 2005  Vote: 9/10
Yah!!! Greggo passed!!!!
yak 06 January 2005  Vote: 5/10
Great Episode. Greggo looked like a young Grissom taking charge like that. Hes got a bit further to go, but nonetheless, GO GREGGO!
catherinefan 07 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
Really loved this episode, especially the ending + I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan.
giggler12345 09 February 2005  Vote: 9/10
Best episode in Season 5.
i_luv_greg_and_ryan2449 09 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
science_nerd 17 January 2005  Vote: 9/10
i loved this one... Way to go Greg!!!
tprguy 07 January 2005  Vote: 5/10
Who are the guests,the female (waitress/member) looks very familiar
lovecsi 07 January 2005  Vote: 7/10
This was a great episode, but I missed the finale. Just couldn't fight off being tired and dozed off. What happened after Gregg found the gun in the fake fireplace.
Dance2nite926 09 January 2005  Vote: 8/10
I loved the ending!!
forensics101 22 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
loved the episode. fantastic ending. is it jus me, or was sara flirting with greg? watch out grissom. u got competition
imadethis2004 23 January 2005  Vote: 10/10
221b Baker St never looked better!!
bluesavannah65 13 April 2005  Vote: 9/10
An excellent episode, but aren't they all?
I_Love_Lab_Rats 23 April 2005  Vote: 5/10
GREG PASSED! YAY! Sara was totally hitting on Greg! lol I thought about that Greg acting like Grissom, and what if thats why Sara hit on him? Weird huh?
hordine 27 April 2005  Vote: 10/10
very interesting episode
fatima14 27 April 2005  Vote: 7/10
Good Episode!! Warrick and Nick's case was kinda boring and short tho, Greg passing his test was the best part of this episode.. =)
korin 28 April 2005  Vote: 9/10
I was touched by the turn out of the story. Congrats to Greg. He so cute in the episode. I miss them all present in one scene. Nice!!!
pigstuff 27 April 2005  Vote: 9/10
ol' greggo passed! hurray! hahaha! i always thought that greg has a grissomish way of handling a case. oh and eckley got what he deserves from catherine. can't wait from some more! hehehehe!
GrissomSara~ 30 April 2005  Vote: 7/10
It was an Ok Eppy, Oh That Wasnt Molly Price Guest Starring By The Way johnedare ...Haha another Third Watch fan I see:) <--ONLY 1 EPPY LEFT EVER
csi_sk8rgurl 01 May 2005  Vote: 10/10
this was the ep. that got me hooked. since then ive been recapping on the previous seasons on SPIKE. it's freaking sweet. i LOVE IT!!
CathWillows81 07 May 2005  Vote: 5/10
Ok episode, but nothing special. Seemed like Greg needed an awful lot of help to pass though. Not sure he could survive on his own...
showhat 28 April 2005  Vote: 10/10
mo it wasn't molly price....but yay for greg!! funny...sara was the first to hug him to;)
sarasidlesnumber1fan 01 May 2005  Vote: 8/10
Greg passed! this will take some getting used to seeing greg out in the field and everything. saw a little thing goin on between sara and greg but im still all for sara/grissom. i still totally hate eakly, i hope he gets fired and like soon!
Millander 02 May 2005  Vote: 2/10
iluvnick 13 May 2005  Vote: 9/10
Hehe, jellyman, very cool. good for greg, the way they told him... very cool
gregsgurl01 31 May 2005  Vote: 10/10
I loved this episode I'm so happy Greg passed he rocks. He really deserves it he did a great job on the case with Grissom and Sara
SzmandaLover 23 April 2005  Vote: 5/10
WOO-HOO! greg passed! i was sooooo happy! loved the jelly man too! i was laughing so hard! HATE ECKLIE! who gave him the righ to call the others "gang"? you have to be friends to do that!
LiL_CSI_ChiC 01 May 2005  Vote: 5/10
Hehe... jelly man... that was hilarious... and good for Greg : ) I'm happy that Grissom let him pass even if he did make a mistake... I can't stop laughing about that jelly man...
pink_panther 23 April 2005  Vote: 10/10
LOVED IT! this is csi at its best! plus it was great that greg finally passed :)
catwoman 29 April 2005  Vote: 10/10
Greg almost solved the case, he is so clever, I am happy that Griss has approved it, he deserved it. I love Sara and Greg hug ; -)
csi_roxsmyworld 09 January 2007  Vote: 10/10
I LOVE GREG!!! i'm oober excited that he passed...sure i loved him being the former lab boy, but i'm gonna love him even more on the feild!! i think they should have more eps about him...chyeah he's oober hottt!!!!<333
leggo_my_greggo 14 January 2007  Vote: 10/10
woohoo!! i'm sooooo glad greg passed...tho i'll miss him in the lab, but i'm excited to see him in the field!!! he's a major babe! his hair cracks me up!!! YOU ROCK MY WORLD GREGGERZ!
emydragon 26 November 2005  Vote: 9/10
YAY Greg! Jelly man! Was very cool, liked it LOTS, and ENGLISH GUY HEHEH "Drop the accent" "I can't...I'm english" First englisher on CSI (other than Danny Cannon) It makes me feel so much more involved ^^
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