Episode 515
King Baby

Thursday, 17 February 2005

Episode Synopsis
A larger-than-life casino owner is found dead and stripped of clothing in his driveway, and the CSI teams join forces to find the cause of death as they probe a world of men who wear diapers and love to be coddled.
Written by:
Jerry Stahl
Directed By:
Richard J. Lewis
Ratings Position: 1
Average Score: 7.98 /10
Number of Votes: 50
Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders
Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown
George Eads as Nick Stokes
Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows
Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass
William Petersen as Gil Grissom
Title: King Baby Promo
Size: 1.67Mb
Length: 20 Seconds
partofme 17 February 2005  Vote: 9/10
Best episode of this season so far.
jmetahead 18 February 2005  Vote: 9/10
Cool episode...does anybody know the music that was being played while the milk was tested?
ERTorpedo 18 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
kind of a weird show, but its still a good one
i_luv_greg_and_ryan2449 19 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
Creepy.... does anyoe know what happened to the baby?? i still think its funny when the baby lady was like to nick "arent you a lucky boy to have such a nice daddy!" it was really funny!! but they need to show more greg in the epis but i think nexy weeks
Frogger3105 19 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
I did see an epiode of the maury Povitch Show and they had men who loved being treated like babies. They were showing them in diapers and everything!
leolady 19 February 2005  Vote: 5/10
poleport What is this garbage of Cath with Greg,and he misses her tush? from a stiff to a sexy guy, give me a break. Sara is the one he needs to get close to,not Cath,espeisially since she has a guy. already.
Lis 20 February 2005  Vote: 8/10
Great episode. Very funny comment from Gris to Cath. Would rather see them start to flirt than Gris and Sarah. No offense!! Need more Greg now that he's in the field too.
rickied 23 February 2005  Vote: 5/10
dsself the actress was Susan Ward She play the milk maid as they put it on the show.
science_nerd 25 February 2005  Vote: 7/10
YIKES HOW WIERD.... makes you wonder about adults:) pretty interesting none the less
sicarita 06 March 2005  Vote: 7/10
Its a good episode. My english it's not enough to understand what it means tush. Someone can tell me what is it mean? Thanks
showhat 15 March 2005  Vote: 10/10
so griss misses her tush?i think griss and Cath should start something......not him and Sara
forensics101 17 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
loved the case. best episode this season. what was up with gris and cath in the last scene?
CSI Hungary 18 February 2005  Vote: 9/10
I did miss Cath's tush, too!
AshMc2001 19 February 2005  Vote: 7/10
Very good-strange episode, but I kinda felt unresolved at the end. They sure didn't have much Sara in it, bummer. What was that 'Tush' comment from Gris? So unhim, except that he used the word tush.
xarrium 19 February 2005  Vote: 3/10
Hmm... I think there were better epi's... I didn't get a sense of "Haha, they got the killer"... needed more interrogation. But I loved the scene with Nick and Gris in the "Baby Forever" Shop.
Trace 17 February 2005  Vote: 3/10
Amusing premise. Gris and Cath one-on-one at close a teaser.
yak 17 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
Great, yet creepy episode. Love the Griss comment to Cath.
gillybaba 18 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
I thought this was a very good episode, a little creepy. Is there really people out there like that?, the cath and grissom thing was cute to lol. but what is going on with him a sara, hope they get to it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dsself35 19 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
Best episode this season. Does anyone know the name of the actress that played the babysitter?
beighton155 08 April 2005  Vote: 5/10
to jmetahead: if you still wanna know the music was a song called "sunday" by a band called SIA. Great episode
Greggo_Sanders 08 April 2005  Vote: 9/10
Personally, I think it was a great episode, a little odd, but so are people. Loved the Grissom comment to Cath, they oughta hook up, but of course no one will. (Definately against Griss/Sara, Snickers all the way.) Anyhow, pretty good as far as episodes g
grissomrocks111 17 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
wow this was a freaky ep but great....gris saying he missed cath's tush..ahaha priceless...wut was that even about? but it was funny as anything
sararocks 17 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
the one time i get a friend to watch there is a creepy epp.great deal with cat and criss they have an intamite minute and it is interupted by jim
mal_ganis 18 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
Best Eppi in season 5.. A little creppy .. but hey
CSIrush 22 February 2005  Vote: 3/10
Creppy but cool case. My rating can't go up without Sara. And damnnnn sporky is going to stay. grossss. Gris and Cat talk was funny.
leggo_my_greggo 25 February 2005  Vote: 5/10
I was not impressed with this episode. The fat dude (bruce?) needs to grow up, except now he can't. Mute point. Kinda creepy wht adults can do. Ew. Note to Nicky: Who's your daddy? LOL. Still, c'mon, Mr. Stahl, we can do better than that.
CathandGriss4ever 25 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
So the case in general was pretty weird..but the Cath and Griss last scene had me jumping up and down!! EEK! i love when they flirt!!!
iccie_jewwie 29 April 2005  Vote: 5/10
i love this show, and wow i thout i was cool to see that they done a bit on the thing im into, and to clarafy im not 45 im not male im not fat, im well educated and dont like being a baby and in diapers for sex i just use it for fun and proberly copeing.
CathWillows81 08 May 2005  Vote: 10/10
Loved the comments and tension between Gris and Cath. Goes back to early Season 1 where there so seemed to be something between them. Love the tension but I'd never want to see them get together...it would ruin any mystery!
CSI GIL 07 May 2005  Vote: 10/10
Hmm seems like its going to be interesting... better make sure i don't miss it.
cotton_mary_85 31 March 2005  Vote: 10/10
I absolutely loved it! Weird, weird man, but awesome scene with Cath & Griss!! I had no idea he had it in him to say sth like that to her!
dance2nite926 06 April 2005  Vote: 10/10
Funny ep! Loved Grissoms line to Cath at the end. Brass has such bad timing.
flick 13 May 2005  Vote: 9/10
Creepy! Wanted 2 slap Cath what a b**** 2 Griss & Sophia! was bezare When Griss Said about Caths ass! 4 last weeks ep somebody give Sara & Soph some tunes 2 have a moment of menthol clarity! Griss is an old man!!
forensic_freak 13 May 2005  Vote: 7/10
Good episode...whoa i really agree with the line by Cathrine "Just when you thought you'd seen it all!"
fatima14 31 May 2005  Vote: 9/10
love this CSI ep.. "Aren't you lucky to have such a nice daddy?" that line cracked me up..
pigstuff 15 June 2005  Vote: 5/10
its nice to see grissom, catherine, and brass having a small talk at the end of the show. one of those rare moments
iluvnick 29 May 2005  Vote: 9/10
Freaky episode.. loved the scene in that baby shop.. hilarious!
leggogreggo 04 February 2006  Vote: 10/10
quite unnerving! ery good, bone rattling story line though! and that lady at the baby store was funny when u told nick how lucky he was to have such a nice father!! great all around...keeps ya guessing...and wondering
mearen 29 October 2005  Vote: 5/10
Oh my God. Grissom and Nick in the baby store. LOL. That was hilarious. What a strange ep... Excelent plot, if not hilariously weird.
emydragon 26 November 2005  Vote: 8/10
Funny and creepy. Grissom as Nicks dad HEHEHEHE
greg is sooo fit 03 December 2005  Vote: 7/10
found this episode weird but good . i just couldnt believe it when he wanted to be treated like a baby and when grissom found that secret room it looked like something out of a creepy film but i enjoyed it still
zack007attack 16 August 2006  Vote: 8/10
Interesting but extremely bizarre. Grown men wanting to pretend being a baby, man, he should have had a psychologist.
MylindaBalk 15 March 2006  Vote: 8/10
Great episode but a little creepy with the whole big baby thing. I did love the little comments that were being thrown around. hehe. Freakishly hilarious.
csi_roxsmyworld 10 February 2007  Vote: 10/10
loved this ep-tho it was sorta creepy! cath n griss would make a cute couple! tho it would be kinda weird to see them together! they have great chemistry! speakin of chemistry...greg n sara forever!
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